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At One Click get the best Dubai Desert Safari now!

We make several vacation plans of various places all over the world. We subscribe too with many tourism, travel agents etc. Yet deciding about the place you really want to visit is a thoughtful decision indeed.  Each & every day there are so many decisions you make yet the success rate is too low & stagnant!

best Dubai Desert Safari

But what if you get a chance to make up a trip at Dubai? How will you plan out your Dessert Safari? Tensed? Confused? Need some advice? We are here to help you! Always ensure that whichever company you choose to plan out your safari with ask them various questions like: What are the things to do in Dubai? Which is the best restaurant in Dubai?

  • Many Companies provide Camps & Groups: There are various types of camps that are offered by many Safari Companies and you should always ensure that you have better knowledge about each thing they are offering!
  • Large Private Group camps: which consists of private people of about 30- 800 guests which are either travelling with the staff of the company who is well versed with everything or there are other freelancers too who operate individually!
  • Shared Camps: where the company takes you to places in a constraint budget where it has certain drawbacks like no proper health & food etc.
  • Small Private camps: are the opposite of Large Private camps. Where there is a limited crowd and their no one is in a haste!
  • Private set ups: there are many safaris who provide actually private services in which they take care of various hospitality services too!
  • Safari Providers & Wholesalers: There are various varieties of these Safari companies. Many of them provide wholesale services it is cheap & reasonable but many a times there is a big drawback where if you are not satisfied they won’t heed an ear to you! While Safari Providers are somewhat similar to private safaris and freelancers which provide better services, take care that you are not dissatisfied & see to it that all your special requests are granted.
  • All about travels try Dunes Bashing: Travelling by well air conditioned jeeps can be a good experience in the desserts where you are excavating the dessert areas. To have an adventurous Safari in Dubai either have a jeep or a quad bike to experience!
  • Camel Rides: these camel rides in dessert safari of Dubai are cheap and pollution free, which help you to watch out things well! In Dubai getting a safe smooth camel ride really needs luck!
  • What about your food: Whenever you are travelling through a Safari Company who deals in providing better services to you see to it well that what is the food quality & serves? Always expect to have the best, understand each & everything about them and take care of your food priorities!
  • What about the Company’s reputation?While you are confirming your booking online with such various kinds of various Safari providers, freelancers or wholesalers see to it that they have a good reputation. Don’t cheat yourself, and get cheated too!

Conclusion: When you are already to explore, see to that all formalities & travel guide is provided when you are getting the best experiences of your life.…

7 Tips to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

Taking home, a souvenir is a nice way to remember a trip, unless you end up taking ones that crawl. Bed bugs are small and can easily travel, making it imperative that you are aware of the risks and how to minimize them. Avoid having hotel bed bugs invade your travels by noting these seven tips.

1. Read Reviews

Go online and peruse reviews left by other guests. Do take into consideration that those leaving messages aren’t held accountable for what they write, but reviews can allow for insight if bed bugs tend to be a recurring issue with the establishment in question.

2. Call Ahead

Prior to booking, call ahead and ask directly whether they take any preventive measures in regards to bed bugs. Establishments that take a proactive approach to the issue are less likely to face an invasion and are often quicker to respond to problems that do arise.

3. Protect Your Suitcase

Even if you don’t see telltale signs of bed bugs, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility they are present. The last thing you want to do is be too confident and end up taking an infestation home with you. Keep your suitcase wrapped in plastic to provide additional protection. This will not only assist in keeping your items protected while in hotel rooms, but also when in transit on public transportation where bed bugs can also be traveling.

4. Skip to the Loo

There are usually fewer bed bugs located in the bathroom of an infested room than in the main living space. Therefore, it is best to leave your bags in the bathroom until you have been able to confirm the room is sans bugs.

5. Inspect the Bed

Pull back all sheets and blankets from the mattress and take a close look at space beneath as well as behind the bed. Closely examine the corners as well as the seams of the bed for the tiny bug. However, the sleeping area is not the only place to check out. Include an inspection of cushions and soft seating in the room or closet, as well.

6. Raised Luggage

Once you have brought your luggage into the room, keep it raised to ensure no bugs find their way into it. While you may not have seen any signs in your room upon arrival, this doesn’t mean the small bugs can’t enter your room from next door while you are checked in. Utilize a luggage rack, if available, or place bags on a dresser or desk. Avoid setting them on the bed or other furniture, and be sure to keep clothes picked up, as well.

7. Bite Marks

If you begin itching, inspect your skin for bite marks that occur in threes and in a line. If you see this, immediately request a different room multiple floors away. The bugs can easily move to rooms above and below due to their small size, so it is best to move a significant distance.

While bed bugs are a possibility, this doesn’t mean your hotel is bound to have them. Take proper care to ensure the absence of bugs early on, then relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Venice Transport Guide: How NOT to get Lost in Venice

Venice is unlike any other cities in the world. Known as one of the most romantic destinations in Italy, this city will enchant you with the shimmering water of the canals and the centuries-old marble palaces along their side. Arriving in Venice is easy, but getting to your accommodation is another story. The first thing you need to know is that Venice has two parts: a mainland Venice and an island Venice (the historic part). Piazzale Roma is the last mainland point where parking space for buses and cars can be found. From this point, only water transport is possible. In this guide, we will help you better understand the transport system in Venice: public transport, Vaporetto and Venice airport taxi. We can’t promise you won’t get lost in Venice, but our advice will surely help you how to get safe to your hotel.

Arriving by train

There are two train stations in Venice: Mestre  and Santa Lucia. Unless you’re staying in a hotel on the mainland part of Venice, you need to take off at the Santa Lucia train station. From Piazzale Roma, you can take the Vaporetto line number 1 which makes stops along the Grand Canal or the Vaporetto number 2 to get to San Marco. You can arrange a private Venice water taxi in advance which will take you directly to your hotel. You can search for an affordable Venice airport taxi service online and book it before your arrival. The price is fixed with luggage included.

Both Mestre and Santa Lucia stations have a good connection with the Venice airport, Marco Polo. The local bus line 15 will take you from Mestre station to the airport, while the bus line 5 operates between Santa Lucia station and Marco Polo airport. If you prefer door-to-door service, then you can book online a Venice airport taxi service.

Arriving by plane

The Marco Polo airport is the main hub for international flights in northeast Italy. It is well connected to the nearby cities in Veneto region, as well as, the famous ski resorts on the Dolomites.

There are two routes you can choose from for your Venice airport transfer to the historic Venice. There is a direct water route from the dock near the airport. The Alilaguna water bus makes multiple stops in the historic centre, as well as, the Venetian islands. For direct water transport from the airport to the hotel, there are reliable Venice airport taxi providers online, which will arrange your transfer prior your trip.

Another option is to combine land and water route. You can reach Piazzale Roma using public transport or Venice airport taxi. The ACTV local bus number 5 and the ATVO coach are operating between the airport and Piazzale Roma at a reasonable cost, and it’s a perfect solution if you’re travelling alone. Then you can board on the Vaporetto and it’s best to check the map before you arrive, in order to be sure which Vaporetto line to use.

The less complicated way to get from the airport to your hotel is by booking online a Venice airport taxi before your arrival. Whether you choose the water or the combined route, the Venice airport taxi provider will make sure to pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your accommodation. The price for the transfer is fixed and charged by vehicle, so it’s a very cost-effective Venice airport taxi option because the cost is split among the passengers.

Getting around Venice

The historic Venice is spread over 100 islands connected via bridges. This part of Venice is a pedestrian area and you can explore it on foot or using water transport. No matter how well you prepare yourself with maps, you will definitely get lost at least once. But that’s the beauty of exploring Venice on foot: getting lost and finding hidden gems on the way.

To get around the city you can use the public transport – Vaporetto or Venice water taxi. As we mentioned before, all vaporetto lines depart at Piazzale Roma and make multiple stops around Venice, like the San Marco square and the islands Lido, Burano and Murano. However, if you’re on a romantic getaway weekend, you can’t miss a gondola ride. Although it is a little bit expensive, it’s an unforgettable experience worth every cent.…