C.O.B.B. Society  

History of C.O.B.B.

How it all began …bastards.image.white
It was another sweltering hot day in Sturgis, SD when two bikers noticed how many folks were limpin', gimpin', moanin' and groanin over their aches and pains caused by years of riding. As the day went on, to entertain themselves, the two bikers started asking people: "How did you get hurt?" "Why do you limp?" "What’s up with that plate in your head?!" The descriptively funny, gory, and hair raising replies made the two bikers realize that each and every rider is a success in their own right.

horseRemembering how the cowboys would fall off their horses, brush themselves off and remount; these fallen bikers showed a striking resemblance.  Conquering their fears and getting back on the horse; these persistent spirits held identical traits. 

The two bikers scrutinized their brains in the hot Dakota sun to find a description for these road-torn torn riders and the words just came out..."It seems like we're dealing with a bunch of Crippled Old Biker Bastards and Bitches here!". The two bikers thought that these men and women should be proud to be Cobbers because it was all about success!

presidentNo society is complete without a leader and we're proud to report that we  have a National President. At the ripe age of 60 something, and being a life long rider with a few good horror stories of his own, we felt that "Pappy" was the right guy for the position. After a very deep and emotional discussion, which lasted all of one minute, "Pappy" nobly accepted the position.

I hope you’re all following this because you might find some comfort in your own times of aches and pains. There is a name for your afflictions, it's called COBBitis, and don’t you forget it! So take heart, there’s a society of bikers that ache just like you.

You see, this society was formed in the name of FUN. It gives us a common reason for getting together. Who doesn't want to rehash old bones and stories of fish we never caught, motorcycles that never went over 30, and girls we never kissed.


If you keep riding, the time will come when you will go down. Then and only then will you be ready to make this decision. You can remain defeated by the horse that bucked you and never ride again, or you can brush yourself off, get back on your bike and take your place in the C.O.B.B. Society! There is no such thing as a wannabe C.O.B.B.er. Our future is insured by gonnabes. If you ride,eventually your gonna be a Crippled Old Biker Bastard or Bitch so...Ride Till Ya Rot!

Crippled Old Biker Bastards & Bitches Forever!!!! GUARANTEED!

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